“Like a girl”

Today I was listening to a music station on YouTube and a commercial came on. Normally I skip them AS SOON as the ad button allows me to- but this one instantly captivated my interest: I listened intently and watched closely. The message it carried is one I’m extremely passionate about.

It was an ad for Always© – you know, the feminine pad company. The message they were conveying was extremely powerful. They brought in a group of girls, ages ranging from approximately seven to teens. The very first question posed was, “Do we limit girls?” They asked each girl this question: how they responded was very realistic, sad, and also empowering. Watch the 2:44 video here.

This video brought up a mixture of emotions I felt as a kid and still come across to this day. As a girl who was athletically inclined as a child, I always played sports and got dirty with the boys in the neighborhood. I used to play baseball with them and I remember the day they kicked me off their team because “girls don’t play baseball”. Truthfully, I was better than they were and knew the game like the back of my hand.  Looking back it makes me wonder, is this behavior natural for boys or is it taught?

From birth, girls are treated much differently than boys. Society considers us the ‘weaker’ of the sexes and all of the chick flick movies depict us as the ones who need saving. We’re automatically dressed in frilly dresses, taught to play house with Barbie’s and dolls, and should aspire to be ‘ladylike’. We’re told, “one day you’ll get married, have kids, etc.” I remember the day I told my dad I’m never getting married. He laughed at me and said one day I’ll change my mind.  20 years later, I still haven’t changed my mind.

I’d like to share another personal example: I’ll never forget the day I asked my mom for Chicago Bulls Starter jacket for a winter coat. She replied, “Why would you want that? You’ll mess up your hair!”  I know she meant no harm by that statement but it’s a great example of how society thinks girls should ‘look’ and clearly the ‘boys’ winter coat I wanted wasn’t fitting inside that box. As a 4th or 5th grade kid, I couldn’t have cared less about my messing up my hair. Starter jackets were awesome and I wanted to rock it proudly!  And I did. *

This brings up an interesting thought and a question I’d like to pose: Had my mother never made those comments of what a ‘girl’ should or should not wear, would I ever have thought twice about it?

The point of my rant is we need to throw away the ideals of how girls and boys should act according to society and look at each other as individuals. I challenge you all to be exactly who YOU are. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Break the glass ceiling, challenge the status quo, and become UNSTOPPABLE!

*Side note- Mom, that was my most favorite winter coat and I thank you for letting me have it!


Day 2: Changing the title and tagline

About a week ago, I changed my tagline, background picture, and overall layout. I’m still working on the cohesiveness of the new layout.

I wanted to keep my name of the blog the same, “Three, 2, One, Go!” because it symbolizes the “Go time” in my life- whether it is in sports, CrossFit wods, lifting, or my apparel line. I changed my tagline to represent the changing nature of the blog- instead of primarily focusing on just athletics, nutrition and CrossFit, I wanted to open the blog to diverse topics.

Hey there- it’s Sheena! Remember me?

I haven’t blogged lately so I’m doing a “Blogging 101” challenge to get the creative juices flowing again. Our first entry on this challenge is an introductory piece. Without any further ado, here is it:

My name is Sheena and I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet to escape the mundane tasks of my current 9-5 gig. I’ve written for as long as I can remember. Writing has always come natural to me and I’ve used it to journal and clear my head. I remember I began writing a novel in middle school and realized I had no purpose/plot so I destroyed it. Looking back, I wish I had it to see where my creative mind was wondering off to.

This blog began with a primary focus on athletics, strength and conditioning, and CrossFit. As an athlete and nutrition nut, I dabbled in topics relevant to those areas. Currently I’m looking at revamping my blog to offer more categories and not limit it to those specific areas.

As a person who admires those with depth, I want to write about different areas I’m passionate about: athletics, sport psychology, cooking, traveling, pets, sewing, books, and random thoughts.

Per our instructions, this entry is to be posted ‘as is’ and doesn’t need to be perfect, which is hard for me! As a perfectionist, I tend to overanalyze things which is more or less the reason why I haven’t blogged lately.I also find it challenging to stay focused in the summer months as I’d rather be outside soaking up the sun, boating on the lake, and playing softball than being stuck inside sewing and writing. As much as I love to sew and write, my creativity and eagerness to conquer them both plummet immensley when summer comes.

My goal(s) with blogging include- engaging my audience with my topic selection, wit, and humor, and hopefully getting away from the boring job I currently have leaping into a creative field (i.e. writing) full-time.

So there you have it- a brief introductory post which will hopefully transpire into more frequent blog posts!